The Ocean Awareness Challenge mission is to educate and inspire youth and adults to be world changers in the challenge to heal and protect our oceans.

Marine Parks, Sharks and Prey

This is our theme for this year’s Ocean Awareness Challenge event, to be held Saturday, Nov. 4 at the newly remodeled Festival of Arts grounds in Laguna Beach, CA. Please join us for a day of ocean awareness, as we learn from several top marine scientists about these current “HOT” topics that capture our interest, touch our hearts and challenge our minds.

After listening to our distinguished presenters, join us for happy hour and dinner, while listening to music from Laguna Beach’s very own Steve and Beth Woods. Many of the songs you’ll be hearing in our evening showing of the IMAX movie "Humpback Whales", were composed and performed by Steve Woods.

After dinner, join us for MacGillivray/Freeman’s IMAX film "Humpback Whales". I can’t think of a better place to be watching these amazing creatures than on our large outdoor screen under the light of the November full moon.

All proceeds raised will be used to fund scholarships to send underserved youth to a 3-day camp at Mountain and Sea Adventures in Emerald Bay on Catalina Island, where they will learn about the importance of ocean stewardship and have the opportunity to snorkel, swim and kayak. The will also attend classes and labs about plastics and pollution, fish, vertebrates/invertebrates, turtles and birds, and the natural history of Catalina Island.

From the Bluebelt Foundation to Mrs. Campbell’s 5th grade class at TOW, the environmental Ocean, non-profit organizations in California are impressive. We are all contributors to the restoration of our ocean. We are the stewards that will bring healing to our planet, and we are the communities that can pave the way for others to follow.

Let this annual event at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach be a place where we all come together to learn and be inspired by each other and by some of the very best marine scientists in the world.

Our MISSION is to educate and inspire youth and adults to be world changers in the challenge to heal and protect our oceans.

Letter From Our Founder

"Very few people talk about the disastrous state of our ocean and its desperate need for urgent attention, care and healing. The ocean is a gift to us, an inheritance for our children and future generations, and a life support system for our planet. Without a healthy ocean we will not be able to survive! And without being good stewards of this precious gift, we have nothing to leave our children."


Captain Susie Campbell



OAC 2016 Inaugural Event

September 9-11, 2016, Emerald Bay, Catalina Island, CA

Marine Life in Baja, Mexico

Film by Davie Campbell

Thank You To All Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors


OAC is fiscally sponsored by OneOC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. OAC is based out of Laguna Beach, CA, with volunteers and participants in our “challenge” worldwide. We rely upon folks like you who really care about our planet’s future to bring our message to others through education and sharing. OAC has a growing list of volunteers who give generously of their time, ideas, financial support and most of all – their love – for the Blue Heart – our oceans.


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